Jessy Mendiola, Esquire Philippines, September 2013

Jessy Mendiola, Esquire Philippines, September 2013

Born on December 3, 1992 in United Arab Emirates, where her father was used to work, Jessy Mendiola is a Filipino actress from the age of 12. Jessy Mendiola full name is Jessica Mendiola Tawile, her mother is Filipino and her father, half Lebanese, half Bristish. This year, Jessy Mendiola is the main role in the Philippine version of Mexican Telenovelas “Maria Mercedes”. With such a success, Esquire Philippines magazine dedicates its cover to Jessy Mendiola beauty and offers its September readers some sexy photographies and an interview of the beautiful young women.

We selected and enhanced some of Jessy Mendiola, Esquire Philippines September 2013, but don’t forget to visit Jessy Mendiola Facebook Fan Page and the Esquire Philippines Site for more.

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