Jinri Park, FHM Philippines, August 2013

Jinri Park, FHM Philippines, August 2013

Korean model and radio DJ, Jinri Park, is the covergirl of FHM Philippines, August 2013 edition. Born on April 24, 1988, in Korea, Jinri Park moved to Philippines with her family whe she was six. Jinri Park is a DJ in Monster Radio RX 93.1 and is starting an actress carreer. Beeing on the cover of FHM Philippines will help Jinri Park becoming more famous.

We selected and enhanced some of the her FHM Philippines pictures, but don’t forget to visit Jinri Park Facebook, Jinri Park Official Blog, and the FHM Philippines Site.

Jinri Park FHM Philippines 1
Jinri Park FHM Philippines 2
Jinri Park FHM Philippines 3
Jinri Park FHM Philippines 4
Jinri Park FHM Philippines Double Page
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